Programming at Peach City Radio

The Peach City Community Radio Society comprises a dedicated group of volunteers, working towards the goal of establishing a full-time, broadcast radio station in Penticton.

In this exciting time, prior to obtaining a broadcast license from the CRTC, our members are encouraged to spend time getting accustomed to the process involved in producing radio shows (sometimes referred to as 'podcasts'). As a result, we are able to offer our future live listeners the opportunity to experience what community radio might eventually sound like in Penticton, on Peach City Radio.

Please take some time to browse and listen to as much of the on-demand content as you like. Most content is available via:

  • our Online Streaming Schedule, where the current schedule is displayed graphically, and interactively to allow you to plan your Peach City Radio listening experience
  • our Recently Added program listing, where programs uploaded to the Peach City Radio archive in the past 30 days are listed in reverse chronological order
  • our drop-down menu bar, which features a link directly to the program page of your choosing in a few different categories (Community, Music, Variety, Spoken Word and even Syndicated programs)
  • our Program Directory gives online listeners an at-a-glance look at all the programs currently available via Peach City Radio (coming soon)
  • our Keyword Search functionality lets you type in a word or short phrase and search our database for a topic that interests you

If you are interested in producing content for Peach City Radio, and eventually our on-air station, we require that you become a member of our Society, and attend a Radio 101 workshop. For more information, please contact us at


Peach City Radio Programming Objectives

The programming generated by our volunteers which makes its way to our online stream, and eventually will be broadcast over FM to Penticton:
  • aims to serve local listeners and those on the internet through balanced, thought provoking, entertaining, and educational material which exposes listeners to new avenues of artistic and cultural expression, ideas, and deliberation;
  • aims to provide for an audience diverse in ethnicity, culture, political, sexual and other orientations, age, and physical and mental abilities;
  • aims to provide material (spoken word, music, public affairs) which covers local, national, and international components that have a local relevance, and may be difficult or impossible to access elsewhere;
  • will not promote material, viewpoints, or organizations that are sexist, racist, classist, homophobic, or have as their objectives to slander, belittle, and malign groups or individuals;
  • will not be created to promote an individual, group, product, or business for the purpose of material gain.

Our music programming:

  • aims to aid in the development of local and Canadian talent;
  • aims to reflect the diverse tastes and interests of our listeners and to expose listeners to genres and selections not heard on other local stations.

Our news and public affairs programming:

  • aims to allow for the expression of diverse opinions, and the employment of diverse information sources and research methods. Our goal is to not take a unitary editorial stance on any given issue;
  • aims to cover issues and events not traditionally covered by corporate media.

Programming will meet our requirements as set by the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), any future license and the overall goal of creating excellent local programs for our community.