2023/2024 Board of Directors

President - Claire Thompson (email)
President (2022/24), Vice President (2020/22, 2018/20, 2016/18), Volunteer (2014/16)

Claire is a local teacher who first became involved with Peach City Radio as part of a project to introduce the medium of radio to her grade 1 - 5 students. The collaboration resulted in The Creation Station; six 30 minute episodes of student created radio that was broadcast by and is now archived on Peach City Radio. The project may be over for now, but Claire's enthusiasm for community radio is still going strong.
Vice President - Dave Del Rizzo (email)
Vice President (2022/24), Director (2021/22, 2019/21, 2017/19), Volunteer Director (2016/17), President (2014/16, 2012/14, 2011/12), Secretary (2010/11), Director (2010)

By day, Dave is a software developer for the National Research Council of Canada. In his spare time, he is passionate about independent radio in Penticton. Dave is the host of Dept. of Records and the co-host of the nationally syndicated Left Off the Dial. He is heavily involved in the Programming and Technical aspects of the Society, as well as engaging current and new volunteers in working with Peach City Radio.
Secretary - Nils Finnsson (email)
Secretary (2021/23, 2019/2021)

Originally from the Fraser Valley, Nils works, eats and sleeps. When not doing those things, he's a dedicated husband, and father to two wonderful boys. Having joined the CFUZ community recently, Nils offers help and assistance everywhere he can. Nils is currently wearing two hats, first of Secretary on the Board, the second as the Technical Director. With a positive attitude and valuing everyone's time, he constantly works to automate repetitive tasks and improve the station.
Treasurer - Jackie Del Rizzo (email)
Treasurer (2023/25), Past President (2022/23), President (2020/22, 2018/20, 2016/18), Communications (2015/16, 2013/15, 2012/13), Membership (2011/12)

Jackie is a logistics and export whiz, handling inventory and supply chain documentation for the international lumber trade company that is BPWood. With a background in music that began with piano lessons at the age of 6 and led to a career in music education, music therapy and performing, Jackie has been eager to branch out into the world of music over the airwaves.
Director - Craig Henderson (email)
Director (2022/24, 2020/21, 2018/20), Membership (2014/16), Vice President (2012/14), Director (2011/12)

Craig is a realtor by day and volunteer historian, writer and sometimes broadcaster in his spare time. He began a broadcasting career in Penticton while in high school in 1977. After 10 years in radio and television, he shifted into print media. Getting involved in Peach City Radio has provided the opportunity to give the region a grass roots vehicle for community and creative expression.
Director - Karla Ziegler (email)
Director (2023/25), Treasurer (2021/23, 2019/21, 2019)

Karla and her family recently moved to Penticton from Vernon. Her passion for giving back to the community is what drew her to joining the Peach City Radio board. Although new to community radio, she is looking forward to learning!
Director - Nadia Sokal (email)
Director (2023/25)

Nadia’s first radio was a pastel coloured SHARP brand radio cassette recorder. She loved recording the top 6 at 6 pm on CFTR and soon became enamoured in dual tape deck systems. She graduated to a Panasonic boombox that was her companion through highschool and university years, mainly tuned to CFNY102.1 and Q107. Her first part time job delivering local newspapers funded her first five disc CD player. Numerous mix tapes, walkmans, discmans, a napster profile, ipods, itunes, apple music, live concerts and many many radio stations have entered her life. It was obvious she’d eventually find a role with CFUZ.

Past Board Members

  • Ken Almond - Treasurer (2017/18)
  • Cameron Baughen - President (2010/11), Past President (2011/12), Director (2012/14)
  • Laurel Burnham - Secretary (2010/11, 2010)
  • Andrew Dimma - Treasurer (2015/17, 2013/15, 2012/13)
  • Andrew Drouin - Volunteer Director (2017/18), Director (2016/17)
  • Lydia Frederick - Membership Director (2016/18)
  • Wally Hild - Vice President (2011/12, 2010/11, 2010)
  • Don Ludington - Director (2017/18, 2014/16)
  • Glory MacIntyre - Director, Treasurer (2011/12, 2010/11)
  • Ian Mackinder - Director (2019/2020, 2015/17, 2012/14), Secretary (2017/19)
  • Suzanne Mackinder - Director/Communications Director (2017/2019, 2016/2017)
  • Melissa McWilliams - DIrector (2021/23)
  • Christopher Millin - Secretary (2015/17)
  • Joel Neufeld - Director (2010/11)
  • Stephanie Neufeld - Director (2010/11)
  • Jon Pelletier - Director (2013/15, 2010/11), Secretary (2012/13, 2011/12)
  • Lori Pike - Secretary (2013/15)
  • Julia Pope - Communications (2011/12)
  • Larry Saidman - Director (2012/13)
  • Timothy Tweed - Vice President (2014/16), Membership (2012/14), Director (2011/12, 2010/11)
  • Bruce Walkinshaw - Director (2010/11, 2010)
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