Peach City Radio is a Society which only works well because of its volunteers. Many different groups of volunteers are called upon to put into motion the plans and resolutions of the Board of Directors and the members of the Society. These are our departments.

Many departments are open to new volunteers who are eager to get involved with our Society. Check below for descriptions and contact information if you are interested in taking part. Each department has a committee which organizes the activities of the deparment, along with a crew of volunteers who work to make the initiatives of the departments a reality.


Finance oversees the budgetary concerns of the Society.
  • Develop an annual budget, and maintain a long-term financial strategy
  • Determine budgetary requirements of committees and programs within the Society
  • Develop and manage an overall revenue plan for the Society
This committee comprises Board members only at this time. For more information, email treasurer (at)


Responsible for processing all music submitted to the station. This includes reviewing artists’ record labels’ and music promoters’ submissions to ensure diversity in musical programming and the promotion of Canadian emerging talent, with an emphasis on local music.
  • Review music submissions
  • Maintain a digital music library database
  • Maintain a physical library of CDs
For more information, or to participate, email music (at)


Responsible for the sound of the station which surrounds our programmer contributed effort. This includes working closely with the Support Department and community supporters in crafting the messages which tell our listeners who is supporting CFUZ, and what we are all about.
  • Training in production techniques
  • Production policy development
  • Administration of the production workflow, including writing, voicing and mastering production content
For more information, or to participate, email production (at)


Administrating the programming aspects of CFUZ, including the encouragement of training and mentorship with the goal of producing professional quality content, including fair and equitable programming.
  • Training and mentorship for members - production, regulations, compliance, procedures
  • Programming policy development
  • Program application review and selection
  • Administering program evlauations
  • Handling complaints regarding programs and programmers
For more information, email program (at)


Support is responsible for coordinating all aspects of financial engagement from the community. This includes creating and administering programs aimed at individuals, small business and corporate members of our community, encouraging them to support Peach City Radio.
  • Organizing fundraising campaigns
  • Developing a sponsorship guide
  • Administering the Friends Card Program
For more information, or to participate, email support (at)


Manages the technical aspects of constructing and operating a radio station, online stream and website.
  • Website design, development and maintenance
  • Equipment research and acquisition - transmission, computing, audio, etc...
  • Computing resource administration
For more information, or to participate, email technical (at)