CFUZ Program Application Form

Programming is the central pivot around which CFUZ revolves. Without programming from our community, there is no need for a community radio station. This is why it is extremely important to us that you, our community members, have access to the airwaves of Penticton through our Programming department.

Bring us your ideas, your concepts, your time and energy, and we will unleash you to the entire community through our network via internet and eventually FM broadcast.

We are a completely volunteer driven organization, and as such, we simply ask that you respect the work that others have invested into making CFUZ a place to gather, and to share. All ideas are welcome, and your commitment to making radio on a regular basis is encouraged.

What does it cost? Nothing other than your commitment, and enthusiasm for making radio, but we do require all programmers to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Be a member in good standing with the Peach City Community Radio Society (see our Membership Page for more information.
  • Read and understand the CFUZ Programmer Handbook (see Programmer Resources page).
  • Read and sign the CFUZ Programmer Code of Conduct (see Programmer Resources page).
  • Attend required training seminars and orientation sessions.
  • Treat your fellow hosts and DJs with courtesy and respect at all times, on and off the air.

The process begins by filling in the following application form, and letting us know about your ideas for sharing your time with our listeners through our studio. Our Programming Committee meets monthly to receive and discuss applications, and will contact you in order to move your ideas forward, and to help get you on the air.

If you have any questions regarding Programming at CFUZ, please contact our Program Coordinator via email to

* denotes a required field.

About You
Contact Name(s)
Please enter the name or names of the person(s) who will be responsible for this program (If more than 2 people are listed, list the PRIMARY contact in the first box, and all others in the second box).

The PRIMARY contact person is to be the designated liaison between your program, and the CFUZ Programming Committee. This person will be the first line of contact in case of scheduling changes, complaints, evaluations, etc... The person(s) listed here must be REAL NAMES of REAL PEOPLE. You may use pseudonyms for host names, but that comes later in this form.

Member ID
Please enter a valid Peach City Radio member ID.

Anyone involved in a program at CFUZ MUST be a member in good standing of the Peach City Community Radio Society - this is non negotiable. Please enter the Peach City Radio Member ID of at least one program contact individual into this box. If you are not sure, or if you need to be reminded of your number, please contact our Membership Coordinator to obtain your membership number, or enter 'do not know'.

Membership to the Society is a small annual fee, and we have many options for students, individuals on fixed income and other situations where the Board may consider your request to waive membership... but you still gotta be a member! Check our Membership Page for more information.

Contact Email Address(es)
Please a valid primary contact email address(es) for the identified contact individuals.

Currently at CFUZ, email is our primary form of communication. All of our Board and committee members are volunteers, and rather busy people. Email allows us the flexibility to communicate efficiently with our program contacts, as well as giving them access to us at all times.

Contact Phone Number(s)
Please enter the primary contact phone number(s) for the identified contact individuals - including area codes..

We tend not to call very often, but there may be times when we need to get a hold of you quickly, and this is why we need your phone number.

About Your Program
Program Title 
Please enter the proposed title of the program. Use the second input box to enter any subtitle for the program (if necessary).

Each program at CFUZ has a unique title which not only identifies your program, but makes it distinct from all the other amazing programming at CFUZ. We encourage you to be creative and pick a title that both suits the content, and imparts your personality on your program.

Program Host 
The name or names of those who will participate as program hosts. If multiple hosts, please separate all names by commas.

Your program host is the voice of your program. You may use false names or pseudonyms to protect or preserve identities if you wish. This is the name that will appear on the CFUZ webpage for your program.

Program Type
Please select one program type from the list, which best describes a categorization of your program.

At CFUZ, we want to ensure that our listeners have an idea of what type of programming we have on our station, by providing an online schedule. This type of categorization helps our listeners identify times at which they might like to tune in to Peach City Radio. The categories are very basic and we ask that you pick the category that fits best to describe your program.


Your choices are:

Music: A predominantly music-based program
Spoken Word/Talk: A predominantly talk-based program
Syndicated: A program produced primarily for/at another station

The call letters of the station from which this program originates.

For those of you at CFUZ, this is an easy one. However, if you are applying to have CFUZ play your program which originates at a different station, this is where the call letters of your station are required.

Program Email Address
Suggest an email address for your program which your listeners might use to contact you.

Each program at CFUZ has the opportunity to have an email address which can forward to your primary contact email address. This allows your listeners to send email to Let us know what you might like that address to be, and we will try to set that up for you. This is optional - if you leave this box blank, no address will be created.

Program Episode Length
How long is each episode of your program (in minutes)?.

In order to properly fill our schedule, we need to know how long each episode of your program is intended to be. Generally speaking, program episodes should not be less than 1/2 hour, and should end on hour or 1/2 hour boundaries to help our scheduling process.

Valid answers are 30, 60, 90, 120, etc... (multiples of 30).

Program Frequency
Please select one program frequency from the list, which best describes how often you expect your program to air on CFUZ.

We know you are busy, everyone is busy! We need to know how often you intend to make your program. We would certainly prefer a weekly show, but ask that you examine your schedule and the time you have available, and be very realistic with your expectations on how often you will be able to make an episode.

Program Mode
Please select how the program should be recorded.

We want to know whether you would prefer to record/perform the program live to air from the CFUZ studios, or whether you would prefer to produce the program at home and upload it to our systems prior to air date. We can tell you that we understand that certain types of programs lend themselves better to prerecording (for instance interviews, documentary, etc..) as opposed to music shows which are almost always better live. The Programming Committee will take your style of program into account, but will always put emphasis on those who choose to broadcast live. That is what radio is all about, after all! You may leave this blank if you are not sure.

Essay Time...
Program Description
What is your program about?

This is where you tell us about your ideas for a program on CFUZ. If you are too brief, we will not be able to get a fair idea of what you intend to do... if you write too much detail, we may not have time to read it... so we suggest that you strive to give us just the right amount of information about the ideas you have for a show on CFUZ. Tell us about your inspirations, your plans, and your goals for the program. What kinds of music will you play? What kinds of topics will you talk about? What kinds of guests can we expect to hear on your program? This is where you lay it out for us. The programming committee will review this text and much weight will be placed on what is in this box. No pressure!

Community Aspect
How does your program relate to the local community?

CFUZ is a community radio station. So it makes sense when we ask that you let us know in your own words, how your program relates to the local community. Tell us about who in Penticton will be interested in hearing your show on our station. Why? What aspects of your plan are specific to our local community? What makes your show special to the local area? How is it going to differ from what might already be on offer on the local airwaves? Take your time, this one is important!

A few final questions.
At CFUZ, we value the fact that we are a truly independent, volunteer driven station lending a voice to the community in Penticton. Our Programming Committee understands the limitations and challenges in curating a show with regards to including Canadian Content and spoken word content. However, we think that making every effort to meet or exceed the targets and conditions imposed by the CRTC on our broadcast licence is very important. We plan to take this into account when considering all applications.
Canadian Content
Will you be able to meet or exceed Canadian content quotas for the music you intend to play in your show?

In a world where we constantly struggle to define a Canadian identity, we owe it to our fellow Canadian artists and musicians to sing their praises (and their songs) to the rooftops.

Spoken Word
Will you be able to meet or exceed spoken word quotas within your allotted time?

If you didn't talk during your show, how would we know the difference between your show and our Spotify playlist? Did you know that talking into the microphone for only 9 minutes during an hour long show fulfills the 15% requirement? Easy peasy!

Naughty Language
Do you anticipate regularly using naughty words during your show?

Catering to the community means ensuring that everyone is able to participate, including those who don't necessarily appreciate profanity. We'll try to make sure that we schedule your show appropriately if that's the case.

When is good for you?
Availability & Scheduling
Tell us about when you are available, and when you would like your program to air.

We need to know when is best for you to be on the air. And why not tell us when you think would be a good time to air your show on CFUZ. We will do our best to schedule your show so that you can actually make it into the studio, but we also must take into account the bigger station schedule picture. We know you understand.