Peach City Radio Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions! Here are some of the most common, along with our answers...

What is community radio?

From Wikipedia: "Community radio is a radio service offering a third model of radio broadcasting in addition to commercial and public broadcasting. Community stations serve geographic communities and communities of interest."

Peach City Radio is working towards establishing true community radio in Penticton. We aim to provide a platform from which members of the community can take ownership of the issues, ideas and artistry which surround them, and affect them on a day to day basis, and share their music, art, thoughts and concerns directly with their fellow community members.

Where is your studio?

As of January 1, 2016, the Peach City Community Radio Society will officially reside in a studio located within the Cannery Trade Centre at 121-1475 Fairview Road, Penticton BC.

Until such a time as we install our broadcast transmission system, we operate on the internet, which allows us to be fairly mobile and flexible. Some of our more involved members store equipment and assets that we've amassed, and our online stream is hosted currently by our friends at Cowork Penticton.

What are your call letters?

We have recently been granted a licence to transmit by the CRTC! Our official call letters are CFUZ. We'll still be known as Peach City Radio though, for the forseeable future!

While having a licence means that we have cleared a major hurdle towards being on the air, we still have a lot of work to do in securing space, and building a studio. We hope that you consider getting involved to help us attain our goals and make this project possible!

What is your broadcast frequency?

The short answer is, we don't know yet!

We are currently an internet-only station, so you can listen to Peach City Radio using your computer, or your mobile device, at the current time, by clicking on the 'listen now' link on our front page.

Are you a private company, a not-for-profit society, or a charitable organization?

Peach City Radio is administered by the Board of Directors of the Peach City Community Radio Society. We are a not-for-profit society, registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada. We do not hold charitable status, and we are not a private company. Our Board of Directors comprises a group of individuals from within our community, who are elected by our membership at an Annual General Meeting.

Do you belong to any sector organizations?

Our Society is a member of the National Campus/Community Radio Association. The NCRA is a national organization that is devoted to advocacy on behalf of its members, who comprise over 100 Campus and Community based radio broadcasters across Canada. They work extremely hard at providing us and other stations with support and information relating to how we deal with our regulatory bodies, and they often attend hearings in Ottawa to ensure that the commissions and agencies that regulate our sector hear our collective voice.

Do you pay SOCAN fees?

Yes. We are fully compliant with SOCAN Tariff 22F for online broadcasting and on-demand media.

It's now easier than ever to become a member of the Peach City Community Radio Society! Our new membership information page contains everything that you need to know about becoming a member of our Society. There is even an online form that you can fill out and submit, which allows you to buy your membership online via PayPal. Our members find this very convenient!

This is a difficult question to answer, and it depends on many factors, such as equipment, broadcast power, number of employees and they types of revenue streams a station might choose to employ.

Peach City Radio is currently run entirely by volunteers, which helps us drive down costs, but it also means that we ask volunteers to work very hard to maintain our operations.

We estimate the need for $30k-$50k to become operational, and then an ongoing revenue stream to keep us sustainable.


Peach City Radio is a community radio station, which means that we will derive most of our content from members of our local community - in fact, we're required to by the conditions of the license hold from the CRTC.

We encourage all community members, and representatives of community organizations to get in touch with us, and find out how we can help you learn to be a programmer or a DJ for Peach City Radio. Our requirements are simple, people who are on the air with Peach City Radio are required to:

  • be members in good standing of our Society,
  • have taken our free Radio 101 session, which we offer regularly,
  • submit a show proposal, which is reviewed by our Programming Committee, and
  • participate in program evaluations a few times per year.

Get informed, then get invovled!

There are a few ways in which you can stay informed about what is happening at Peach City Radio. You can :

  • Become a member - members are kept up to date on all that is happening at Peach City Radio.
  • Subscribe to our E-Cast newsletter - we send a weekly email out to our supporters, with information on upcoming events, and general information about the Society.
  • Get involved in a committee - email info @ to let us know you're interested, and we'll direct you to the appropriate committee, or put you in touch with our volunteer coordinator.
  • Listen! - We currently stream online 24/7, have a listen by clicking the blue button at the top of this page, and let us know what you think!
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter
  • Tell your friends about us!