Challenge 2014 Announcers
August 25, 2014 by CFUZ

On Sunday August 24, four eager Peach City Radio volunteers took to the mountain passes to man an Announcer Cafe during the 2014 Challenge Penticton triathlon. L to R Dave Del Rizzo, Ian Mackinder, Craig Henderson and Jackie Del Rizzo (not pictured) provided music for the spectators and volunteers, and much needed motivation to the determined long-distance triathltes at the 150km mark as they pedaled their way to the top of Yellow Lake pass - the highest point on the 180km bike course.

The race saw both male and female champions give encore performances to their results from 2013. Local Penticton triathlete Jeff Symonds finished first in a time of 8:26:58 to best the mens pro division, and Australian Carrie Lester took the womens title in a time of 9:27:24. The long-distance version of the race consists of a 3.8km swim, followed by a 180km bike and finally a 42.2km run throughout the scenic South Okanagan.

Peach City Radio was proud to be a part of a large team of volunteer announcers organized and led by legendary race announcer Steve King. We look forward to participating in future Challenge events!

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