New Programs at Peach City Radio
June 18, 2014 by CFUZ

This week we welcome two new series of shows to our online stream!

The first new addition is borne out of a collaboration between Peach City Radio, and the SD67 Gifted Programme, with the help of Claire Thompson, The Creation Station! Check out her blog and make sure to listen to these creative kids! This week's episode features stories about ants, manatees, chipmunks, sharks and rabbits, along with great music, and facts about language - specifically Morse Code, Pig Latin and Swedish! Episodes first air Mondays at 9AM PDT. Podcasts become available Thursdays at 6PM PDT.

The other new program is from our seasoned programmer Larry Saidman. Fresh off the heels of completing his opus Larry Saidman's Top 200 Albums of All Time program (60 episodes) he's now tackling the job of showing how music can be therapy, and how therapy can come from music. Check out his new show Musical Therapy Sundays at 9AM PDT on the online stream! Podcasts become available Wednesdays at 6PM PDT.

Thanks to everyone tuning in and listening to what our amazing program creators have to share with you!

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