PCR Future Programmers Hard at Work
May 14, 2014 by CFUZ

The School District 67 Elementary Gifted Program students have been focusing on making radio this year. They have learned how to record and edit audio using Audacity. Helping them along the way were visits from Peach City Radio's Tim Tweed, Jackie Del Rizzo, Craig Henderson, Larry Saidman and Dave Del Rizzo as well as CBC Radio's Chris Walker. Shortly all of the students will have completed a mini radio program. These mini-shows will be combined to create a number of half hour episodes for the variety show they are calling The Creation Station which will be aired on Peach City Radio!

Recently students had an opportunity to learn more about radio and television when they visited CBC Radio and Global Okanagan Television in Kelowna. At Global Okanagan Barbara Vanstone showed the students the ins and outs of creating news programs and television advertisements. Some groups of students were able to talk to the news director who explained how he chose what was going on the news each evening. A couple of groups got to speak with Doris Maria Bregolisse. Doris is an anchor and reporter at Global Okanagan and she spoke to the students about her job. One thing the students learned is that although the news set and anchors are in Kelowna, technicians in Vancouver or Toronto actually do the filming and produce the show. They operate the cameras remotely and communicate with the anchors through headsets.

At CBC Radio, Daybreak South host Chris Walker was their guide. He and Daybreak South producer Marion Barschel spoke to the students about how the show is put together. Chris took the students into the studio where they got a chance to read a one minute news bulletin and the opportunity to operate the sound board. They learned that it is not easy to read the news clearly, fluently, and in under a minute! A few lucky students were chosen to read the Mind Breakers quiz questions for the week of May 5th.

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