Peach City Radio Now Streaming Online
September 23, 2013 by CFUZ

A milestone has been reached at Peach City Radio. We have officially launched our online stream! What this means is that you can go to our website, click on the "LISTEN NOW" button, and listen to a schedule of programs and music organized by our awesome programming committee You will hear our pre-recorded programs which you may have previously enjoyed through on-demand listening, plus blocks of music, all scheduled out so that you can listen seamlessly online. One click and you'll be listening to Peach City Radio!

We couldn't have taken this huge step without the cooperation and support of our friends at Cowork Penticton who are hosting our streaming server at their location and providing the bandwidth to make this possible. Thank-you Cowork Penticton! And happy listening everyone!

Please note, we have a limit on the number of concurrent listeners. If you are unable to connect, its possibly that our listening limit is full. We will be evaluating our listener limit on a regular basis in order to accommodate our listenership. Please let us know how we are doing - send your comments to

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