CFUZ ONAIRversary 2.0
January 19, 2021 by CFUZ

On Saturday February 6 2021, CFUZ Peach City Radio will celebrate our second full year on the air at 92.9 FM.

To mark the occasion, the volunteers at the station are preparing a full day of live programming that will show off our locally created radio programs. The program hosts will be asking listeners to make donations of any amount to keep 92.9 FM humming along on our 50 watt transmitter, and pumping out local greatness through our antenna on top of the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton.

Now you might be asking yourself, how much should I donate? Well it depends on how much of this cool stuff you want...

Come on down to the station parking lot to safely donate a fist full of change (any little bit helps!) and you will be the proud recipient of a SHOUT level donation gift of an on-air shout-out from one of our awesome volunteers. A donation of $10 or more snags you a LINK level donation gift of a pair of CFUZ 92.9FM carabiner keychains. A donation of $25 or more entitles you to the SHARE level donation gift of a CFUZ 92.9FM tote bag. A donation of $60 or more garners you a brand new, and highly coveted, PLUG level donation gift of a CFUZ Connect 92.9FM T-SHIRT. Or, if you prefer to think of your donations as a daily contribution, for just $1 per day (or a total of $365) you would be eligible for the CONNECT level donation of a custom CFUZ Connect 92.9FM jigsaw puzzle. Donations at all levels cascade - meaning your donation at any given level entitles you to receive all the gifts from the lower level donations! What a deal!

There will be more great giveaways throughout the day of special gifts and sponsor donated packages, so make sure you listen for your chance to grab some more great swag.

Donations can be made online (, safely in person at the Cannery Trade Centre parking lot in front of the CFUZ studio at 1475 Fairview Road, or over the phone (236-422-0929).

Our goal is to raise $4000 which will go a long way in helping us with our transmission costs, volunteer training and continual improvement of this station.

Mark your calendars, tune in and make a donation on February 6th.

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