CFUZ Seeking Music and Production Coordinators
October 1, 2020 by CFUZ

October 1 marks the start of the CFUZ Caught in the Act grant. This grant is supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, and is designed to establish and foster relationships between CFUZ and local musicians in and around Penticton.

Today, CFUZ released two postings for contract positions associated with the grant project. These positions - Music Coordinator and Production Coordinator - will be the driving force behind operations during the project.

"These two part-time positions are perfect opportunities for people who have done some live recording, music and/or video production, and want to jump in and help our volunteer run station see this project be another success at Peach City Radio", said Dave Del Rizzo, the Project Coordinator.

In addition to the two positions CFUZ is seeking to fill, the project will provide opportunities for CFUZ station volunteers to gain experience in the hands-on process of audio and video production, and practicing interview skills. Opportunities will also be created for those interested in managing the organization of live events and volunteers. The station was awarded $48,000 to complete the project. A portion of the grant is devoted to acquiring the necessary equipment, with the remainder allocated for artist compensation, and honoraria for execution and production of the video and audio components of the grant. Source funding for the Radiometres program is made possible by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, through the financial contributions made by commercial radio and satellite broadcasters for Canadian Content Development.

More information can be found by following the provided link on the CFUZ web page. For further information, please contact the grant organizing committee via email (

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