Exciting Times at CFUZ!
December 17, 2018 by CFUZ

A message from CFUZ President, Jackie Del Rizzo:

I am happy to report on some very exciting developments taking place at the station.

First, I hope you have taken note of our tower and antenna on the roof of the Cannery Trade Centre. This has now been connected to our transmitter and all associated electrical and engineering work is complete.

Second, we have successfully navigated the paper trail required for compliance with the City of Penticton, Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED), and NavCanada. This was no small feat - thank you to all of the very helpful contacts at these organizations who made this as painless as possible.

And on Wednesday Dec 12, with ISED on site, we passed the initial broadcast qualification needed to proceed with our FM broadcast undertaking!

What this means is the antenna and transmitter are functioning as designed and the signal is working well with no known problems.

What's next? Well, we can't put Peach City Radio on the air just yet. One of our final hurdles is to run a 3 to 6 week test broadcast to determine if there are reports of signal interference. This will be a 24/7 terrestrial broadcast and will consist mainly of a random mix of eclectic music and station identification messages. If all goes well we will be awarded our broadcast certificate!

As you know - Peach City Radio is MUCH MORE than a random music mix. Peach City Radio is local voices, information, issues and ideas as well as great locally created music programming. The CFUZ programming that you have come to know and love is still running 24/7 on our online stream at www.cfuz.ca and will not transfer over to the FM station until we successfully complete the test broadcast and we are satisfied that we have everything in place to begin our FM station phase.

That said - I invite you to tune your radios to 92.9 FM and enjoy the test broadcast of Penticton's newest radio signal now!

Finally I want to thank all of the volunteers working tirelessly in the direction of our FM goals. We have come a long way in 2018 and we are ending the year with so much to be proud of!

Jackie Del Rizzo
President - Peach City Community Radio Society

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