Listen Up Penticton!
July 4, 2017 by CFUZ

CFUZ Peach City Radio is pleased to announce that it was awarded $38,550 for the implementation of the Listen Up! CFUZ Speaker Series. These funds were made available by the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) under their Radiometres program.

With the funds received, the station hopes to inspire community members to participate in community radio while also training and developing programmers, members and volunteers.

"As the first licensed community radio station in the Okanagan Valley, CFUZ has found it a challenge to attract volunteers who already have first hand radio experience" says Peach City Community Radio Society President Jackie Del Rizzo. "By bringing a series of facilitators to the area over the next year we plan to provide our current and future radio volunteers with information and skills on a wide variety of topics". Experts in areas such as production, interviewing on the air, music curation, and sponsorship will be invited to speak. In addition to hands-on workshops for community radio volunteers, speakers will also provide informative public lectures which will be open to all. The public lectures aim to assist CFUZ in creating awareness of community radio and the power it can have in a city like Penticton.

Peach City Radio is pleased to be hiring a coordinator to assist in the speaker series. Interested applicants may find more information about applying on the station's website.

The CRFC is a national not-for-profit organization whose mission is to build and improve the campus and community radio sector for all Canadians. Through the Radiometres program, which is currently the cornerstone of their funding, the CRFC just announced that they will invest close to 1.5 million dollars into the campus & community radio sector in order to enrich local programming and to promote volunteerism and community participation this year.

In the past five years, the Radiometres program has invested 10.5 million dollars through over 300 projects initiated by 123 stations. "Funded initiatives, such as the project proposed by CFUZ, are necessary in order to make community radio a true local media outlet, radio that interacts with people in their neighbourhood," says the President of the CRFC, Roger Ouellette. For more information about the CRFC and all of its recipients, please visit their website.

CFUZ invites the public to weigh in on topics for the speaker series by attending an info session at the Tin Whistle Brewing Co. in the Cannery Trade Centre on Wednesday July 12th at 5:30 or by emailing our president. For more information about CFUZ and the Listen Up! CFUZ Speaker Series, please visit

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