2017 NCRA Homelessness Radio Marathon
February 20, 2017 by CFUZ

On Wednesday, February 22, Peach City Radio will participate in the 15th annual NCRA Homelessness Radio Marathon. This event broadcasts nationally live from the streets, all night, coast to coast to coast, in an effort to raise awareness of homelessness in Canadian Communities. CFUZ's coverage will begin at 3pm PST Wednesday February 22, and continue through to 3am PST Thursday February 23. Of particular note to our station is that our very own Lydia Frederick has contributed a 30 minute documentary focusing on themes of "sharing when you have nothing" and "keeping your dignity when you are ostracized". Her piece will air at 2:30AM PST nationwide.

This year, this 15th annual event will be hosted by our friends in Saint John NB at CFMH Local 107.3 FM. It will include 30-minute to two-hour segments from 17 stations representing six provinces, as well as a special edition of GroundWire focusing on homelessness, with headlines and feature stories from more stations across the country. Peach City Radio is proud to be able to provide this broadcast to you on our online stream, working together with stations across the country to help find solutions to this national problem.

Peach City Radio will provide full coverage of the marathon via a live stream from CFMH in Saint John for 12 consecutive hours, beginning at 3pm Wednesday February 22. Tune in to the Peach City Radio online stream by clicking the 'Listen Now' button between 3pm Wednesday February 22 through to 3am Thursday February 23.

View the 2017 Homelessness Marathon schedule.

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