CFUZ is Hiring a Station Coordinator
February 26, 2016 by CFUZ

These are indeed exciting times for Peach City Radio!

Our new studio is taking shape, and we're very excited to share that with all of you soon. In the meantime, our Raise the Radio fundrive is almost over, and our goal of raising the capital we need to equip the studio is within our reach thanks to the generosity of our community.

Thanks to a recently successful grant proposal to the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the next piece of the puzzle will fall into place soon. CFUZ is now hiring a Station Coordinator to perform the duties required in fulfilling our Radiometres Grant. This first CFUZ staff member will be responsible for shaping our volunteer engagement, recruitment and retention strategies. This will allow us to better manage our community resources, and make our organization sustainable as we move towards broadcasting an FM signal later in 2016.

This is an amazing chance for someone to participate in the early stages of making a station happen! For full details and a copy of the job description, please follow the link below.

Visit our About > Staff page for all the details

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