Amplified Radio Presents: Now on CFUZ
February 5, 2016 by CFUZ

The newest syndicated show has hit the airwaves at Peach City Radio.

If your jam is electronic DJ music, including house, trance, techno, progressive, minimal, deep house, tech house, etc..., then Amplified Radio Presents: is the show for you.

Formerly a member of the CFRU staff at Guelph University, Barry Rooke is also an accomplished DJ, having devoted a significant amount of time getting rooms around southern Ontario hopping. Barry is now the Executive Director of the National Campus/Community Radio Association in Ottawa, and is producing Amplified Radio Presents: as a podcast, carried on many campus and community stations across North America.

Be sure to check out this 2 hour show which airs Fridays at midnight, into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Check out Amplified Radio Presents: on the web for more information.

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