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December 8, 2015 by CFUZ

After an extensive search for the right studio location, Peach City Radio is happy to announce that they will be moving into the Cannery Trade Centre in 2016.

Since obtaining a licence to broadcast earlier in 2015, the Peach City Community Radio Society (PCCRS) has researched the viability of several locations around Penticton and the Cannery Trade Centre was always a favourite. Earlier in the search, there was no vacancy at the Cannery but recently a suitable area became available and PCCRS was contacted. "The Cannery already holds an eclectic community vibe and provides an excellent location for so many truly local offerings, so it was a great fit for our community radio studio" says PCCRS President Dave Del Rizzo. "Not to mention the great feeling we got from Factory 78 Holdings who worked hard to carve out the right kind of space for us. We feel truly welcome and can’t wait to get set up and on the air".

Before the station can start broadcasting, some redecorating is required and studio equipment needs to be purchased. PCCRS has been working towards a $30,000 goal through its Raise the Radio campaign. The group has raised nearly $21,000 so far and hopes to hit their mark by the time the studio is ready.

Asking for donations during the holidays and at a time where so many other local organizations also need support is tough but the Peach City Radio programmers are asking you to listen to their current online broadcast, and to donate if you enjoy what you hear and if you feel that community radio is worth your support! The online stream runs 24 hours per day at www.peachcityradio.org but on Sunday December 6th, local DJs can be heard talking about the need for community radio, what the $30k will be used for, and why local radio is important. These volunteer radio hosts contribute programs to Peach City Radio on a regular basis and their programs will be just some of the truly local radio to be heard on the FM dial once fundraising is complete.

"In the months ahead, we'll be painting and equipping the radio studio in the Cannery Trade Centre and we look forward to training dozens of volunteers to broadcast to the community" says PCCRS Membership Director and longtime radio personality Craig Henderson. "Our Raise the Radio fundraising campaign has been a great success in 2015, however we still need to gather more in the weeks ahead to finish the project. "This is a very exciting initiative - the Okanagan's first community radio station - and we welcome individuals, non-profit groups and businesses to be among our founders by donating to the campaign."

PCCRS has been pleased with the generosity of donors to date. Donations from $25 up to the $500 are what the Raise the Radio campaign focuses on, whether from businesses or local listeners. The members themselves have also made contributions - demonstrating that the membership truly believes in the project and are determined to make FM community radio a reality here. Anyone donating at the $500 level will be forever known as a Founder of Peach City Radio - and the ability to gain that status ends when the funding campaign succeeds in reaching $30k.

In May 2015, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and Industry Canada approved PCR's application for a low-power English language community FM radio station at a frequency of 92.9 MHz on the FM dial. Peach City Radio FM (under call letters CFUZ) is the first community radio station in the Okanagan Valley, and the first new station in Penticton since the 1980's. ?

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