Calling Local Musicians: 1 Minute - The Unloggable Project
August 12, 2015 by CFUZ

The NCRA is launching a campaign called 1 Minute - The Unloggable Project!

The campaign is to highlight Canadian artists, and bands who produce songs which are less than a minute long, which currently are not considered in CRTC content (including CanCon). It was identified through our fellow Campus/Community radio stations and research that this was important to address to the CRTC, as much creative content that is generated and played by stations does not count or is considered 'unloggable'.

As a part of the project, the NCRA is producing an album made entirely of songs 60 seconds or less! The whole thing will be 50-60 songs, at 60 seconds or less, with artists from all genres, from across the country!

Funding is available to pay artists a small amount for their contribution to this project. If you are an artist, or know an artist who has original content less than 1 minute in length and would like to contribute, please fill in the survey found at the link below. Remember to state that you are affiliated with Peach City Radio (CFUZ) in Penticton when you register! Contributing and selected artists may be eligible to receive as much as $200 for their submission.

The deadline for the first submission round is August 30, 2015.

Fill out the form at this link to participate.

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