CFUZ Music Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting music for airplay on CFUZ FM Peach City Community Radio. No need to phone or email asking if you can submit music because everyone is welcome to do so. However, please note that we only need the following two items:

  • Your finished CD/LP/cassette with full artwork and liner notes. If this is not possible, the jewel case should clearly show the track list, album title, song writing credits and record label info. You can also email a zip file of the digital tracks. Please make sure that the tracklist is included as either meta-data on the digital files or printed and legible if sent physically. For digital submissions, please see our Digital Submission Guidelines below.
  • A one-sheet summary with a short bio, album track list, suggested genre(s), an indication of any songs that may include explicit language, recording credits, a website or email address, one or two short press quotes, and/or other relevant information.

Members of the CFUZ Music Committee will listen to your submission after we receive it. If the recording is accepted it will be placed in our library for our DJs to spin if they choose to do so. If we feel that the recording is not a good fit for CFUZ we may pass on the release meaning that the recording will not be added to our library. Reasons your submission may not be considered a good fit can be, overlap with commercial radio, lyrical concerns, recording quality and/or space concerns. We also may pass on a record simply because it does not follow our format or because we don’t feel that a submission will get played by our current DJs.

We focus on independent and underappreciated bands/artists and our goal to provide unique musical programming that does not overlap with commercial radio. Please remember that we cannot return submissions.

Other Important Notes:

We cannot guarantee airplay by DJs as our music programmers ultimately decide the content of their programs, but most DJs welcome submissions relevant to the focus of their particular radio show. The likelihood of being played increase in probability if you are local to the South Okanagan area, from British Columbia or a CanCon artist, in that order.

To submit music to CFUZ FM, Peach City Community Radio, mail it to:

C/O Music Director
121-1475 Fairview Rd.
Penticton BC
Canada V2A 7W5

Digital Submission Guidelines:

Digital submissions will be given higher preference, but CFUZ will accept your music via physical media. However, there are still a few rules in place.

  • Please do not email MP3s directly, but rather, provide the Music Director with a link to a reliable website where the album can be downloaded.
  • Preferably everything should be enclosed in one ZIP or RAR archival file. Your music should be encoded at a 320kbps in MP3 format.
  • Please embed ID tags into your files to include the artist name, song title, album, track numbers, composer name and genre.

Email your submissions to the Music Director at:

Submissions sent without the necessary information and metadata will not be added to our library.

Please do not share content that may infringe on the copyright laws. This may include cover songs or songs that include unauthorized samples of music previously recorded by other artists.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here send an email to: