Leo 'El Gaviota'
I find on my day to day life in this community that people tries to comunicate to me in Spanish, or make comments about what they know about my country of origin, wich makes me awared of an underlying curiosity in a good way about places most have never been; to fulfill this expectation is part of my motivation. I'll try to relate my everyday experiences to 'things that remind me of...' this or that aspect of Latin American cultures in an effort to build bridges over diferences. The show will aim to reach out and bring representation to a growing latin american community, as well as expand the possibilities to, through arts, language and expression, show the richness in the diversity of cultures of the American continent to everyone. I think this is an important aspect due to the growing exponentially diverse community we live in. Spanish speakers, spanish students, eclectic world music fans, literature lovers, salsa & tango dancers among others will be interested on hearing this show, wich will have an input of a lifetime of music baggage and travelling latinamerica, as well as ongoing researchs for it's content.
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