Resonating Reconciliation
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"Resonating Reconciliation" is a project that engages community radio to help reconcile all Canadians with the history of Indian Residential Schools, to help build grassroots skills among community-based broadcasters in respectful reporting on the ongoing legacy of Indian Residential Schools, and provide a lasting record of survivors' experiences.

It does this by funding 40 community radio stations across the Canada to each produce a 30-minute radio documentary on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in their community, with additional funding to recruit and provide training to local Aboriginal volunteers, producers, and trainees.

The grant is a program of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada has funded and is administering the work as part of the Commission's mandate to acknowledge Residential School experiences, impacts, and consequences and create a lasting historical record with a focus on the lived experiences of former students and their families. Peach City Radio is proud to have received a part of this funding, in conjunction with the Okanagan Indian Educational Resource Society to recently assist in producing Sexkinx: What Happened?.

The project is also funding the production of resources and workshops on how community radio stations can better cover the legacy of Indian Residential Schools throughout their programming.

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This show is currently being produced on a regular basis, and can be heard on the Peach City Radio stream at the following dates & times:
  • Wednesdays @ 1100h
  • Fridays @ 0000h
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